Tomorrow I’m getting the chance to go with my sister to interview Lights!
I thought it’d be cool if we got some fan questions so do you guys have anything you’d love to know about Lights or about Little Machines?:)

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Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if you know where I could find the video for the ET Canada interview, the one where Lights is wearing the white flannel? Thanks :)

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Anonymous: Hello! I was wondering if you could please post the interview from The Morning Show? I can't seem to download the video and I want to make gifs to roleplay with. If you can't, would you mind telling me how you downloaded it? Clipconverter didn't seem to work and no other extensions will either. Thank you for your time.

I can’t upload the video on tumblr but i uploaded here :)

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@lightsy: Late night conversation with @rocketbokan

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avxria: What video is the gifs of lights in the red sweater from?! :'D

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Anonymous: Wait now where is this newer gif from?! How do you find all these new videos? Everytime I search for one old ones just pop up lol

(click) Put “lights interview” (or something idk) on google and use the search tools like “last 24 hours” for new results 

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Anonymous: What interview is the new gif set from?!

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